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What you get when you watch this video:

  • The catchiness of Blurred Lines while maintaining your self-respect
  • An education!

I love this video because

a) it takes the catchy tune of a disgrace of a song and turns it into something glorious

b) includes the line “Get out of the gene pool” and any song with that line deserves everything

we should make this more popular than blurred lines

please watch all the way to the end

The idea that we should treat sexual orientation itself as an adults-only topic, however, is absurd. Non-heterosexual children exist. To pretend they do not, to fail to recognize that they have needs for support and validation like any child, would be bad teaching, bad writing, and bad citizenship.

Rick Riordan, from his FAQ on his website.

Fuck, I love you. 

(via nicosnowangelo)

My sister knew the definition
of crumble before she knew the definition
of love or her name or how it felt to walk.

the small of her back at age nine
hld more quiet, more knocks, more
goodbyes, more forgiveness, more
“I’ll come backs”, more “I dont believe you,”
more sleepless nights in an empty house
where the only familiar presence were her

She still does not know what love means,
but she knows how it feels when someone
walks away.

Amanda Helm, My Sister Forgot You  (via huonconstellations)
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